Murder in McHenry - Press Release

Published on 03/28/2013

  • Murder in McHenry -  Press Release

Las Vegas, NV.  Murder in McHenry: A Son’s Pursuit of Justice, is the newest release from Houdini Publishing.  Co-authors Paul Scharff and Keith Bettinger’s new tome is one that tells the story of Paul Scharff and his journey to find justice against the murderer of his father by a mob member protected by a corrupted law enforcement agency.

What would you do if you received a phone call twenty-eight years after your father’s murder and a friend told you they finally knew who killed him? You would venture forward to bring the criminal to justice and clear the case. However, good guys aren’t always the heroes and bad guys the villains.

A career criminal turns government witness after a mobster places a murder contract on him.  He tells investigators about crimes that happened. He has no reason to lie. If he lies, he will face life in prison and that life sentence will be a short one thanks to the contract. He tells federal agents of unsolved murders and the federal agents bring in the local authorities from McHenry County Illinois. 

Twenty eight years later, Paul Scharff receives a phone call that directs him to a biography of this government witness. This rekindles his desire to bring his father’s murderer to justice. All the while he is doing this he uncovers the truth about the justice system in the corrupted town of McHenery.

Keith Bettinger is a retired Suffolk County, NY Police Officer. He’s been for law enforcement publications for over 25 years and has received 18 awards for his articles, stories, and books. He has written two books, Fighting Crime with “Some” Day and Lenny, and End of Watch. He has also contributed his writings in many anthologies including the recently released, I Pledge Allegiance… 


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