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Keith Bettinger is a retired Suffolk County, NY Police Officer. He’s been writing for law enforcement publications for over 25 years and has received 18 awards for his articles, stories, poems and book.
Keith has a monthly column in the on-line magazine titled Musings of a Retired Cop. He has a Master’s Degree in Human Relations with a major in Clinical Counseling. During his career he received the department’s Bravery Medal, Silver Shield Award, Meritorious Police Service Award, Special Service Award, Professionalization Award, Department Recognition Award, 5 Headquarters commendations and six Precinct commendations. He also was a field training officer, Crime Prevention Officer and an instructor on Post Shooting Trauma and Critical Incidents. He was instrumental in the development of a Peer Counseling Program for Officers Involved in Critical Incidents. He also did debriefings of police officers who were at “Ground Zero” following the tragedies of September 11, 2001.

Keith has written two previous books, Fighting Crime with “Some” Day and Lenny, and End of Watch. He has also contributed stories to the following anthologies; Cop Tales 2000, Charity, True Blue, To Protect and Serve, Dad’s Bow Tie and I Pledge Allegiance. Keith has over 100 articles published in various publications in the United States, Canada and Europe. He also has a monthly on-line column on the POLICE.One one line law enforcement magazine. He shares credit for the screenplay The Master Cheat with his friend and fellow writer Jack Miller.
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  • All American Mafioso - The Johnny Rosseli Story

    When the CIA decided to assassinate Fidel Castro, they called upon a classy, well-spoken, and totally ruthless Mafioso named Johnny Rosselli.  In response to the government's offer of several hundred thousand dollars for the hit, Rosselli stood up, saluted and declared he would perform the task for the love of America. 

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