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  • Components of Murder

    A Gene MC Lain Crime Classic High-tension thriller based on a true story as reported and solved by Gene Mc Lain the man called “the greatest investigative reporter of our time.” Winner of seventeen Story Of The Year awards, five Big Story awards and nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.

  • Rope Ties and Escapes

    This book is full of all the rope tricks you can only imagine as impossible. Houdini's famous rope escapes and impossible knots. Includes pictures and illustrations of Houdini teaching you how to perform and master each rope trick. 

  • Basic Card Technique

    Subtitled "Card Magic for Everyone" this oversized, soft covered book really lives up to that name. You will find chapter after chapter of moves, passes, tricks and wonderful routines. This book is perfect for the beginner and a great supplement to any magician's library. 

  • Hole in the Wall Gang

    The Hole in the Wall Gang. Frank Cullotta's story is a living legend to all that have a knowledge of the Chicago Outfit in Las Vegas under the eagle eye of Tony Spilotro and Frank Cullotta. The infamous Hole in the Wall Gang was notorious in burglaries, murder, mayhem and more! This book is the real deal from the real culprits!

  • Stolen Justice

    The True Story Behind the Howard Hughes Will.

  • The Master Cheat

    THE MASTER CHEAT is fiction, although the cheating methods described are real. A story is a troubled man who has changed his name to avoid problems in his past.

  • Casino Cheating Devices and Techniques of the American...

    The author, an agent of the Nevada State Gaming Control Board, a law enforcement agency, was requested numerous times to testify as a expert witness in state and federal courts during the trials of cheaters thus allowing him to render opinions as to what crime had been committed, evidence, as well as the effects the alleged cheating had on the public and...

  • Cold War Warrior

    Cold War Warrior tells the story of one airman who was being vetted by Soviet intelligence with the goal to recruit him to be a spy for them. What they did not know is that the airman would become a double agent for the US and inform US authorities everything being asked for and furnishing only information that was approved.

  • It's A Racket

    The snares, gypsy, swindles, and frauds that separate you from your money.

  • Card Control

    A famous card expert demonstrates tricks that have left theater audiences amazed, and that card-playing professional have used profitably. But these shifts, palms, glides, false shuffles, cuts, fans, steals, and spectacular deceptions will help those with basic card expertise reach new levels of performance. Over 300 photos.

  • Stolen Justice

    Melvin Dummar had justice stolen from him and lost $158,000,000 as a result of a grand conspiracy to deny him his portion of the billionaire, Howard Hughes', vast estate.

  • The Right Way To Do Wrong

    The object of this book is twofold: First, to safeguard the public against the practices of the criminal classes by exposing their various tricks and explaining the adroit methods by which they seek to defraud. "Knowledge is power" is an old saying. I might paraphrase it in this case by saying knowledge is safety.

  • Principles and Deceptions

    Originally published in 1948, by one of the greatest sleight-of-hand artists of the 20th century, Arthur H. Buckley demonstrates step-by-step professional maneuvers, methods, and techniques cultivated throughout his forty-five years of experience.

  • Protection

    A treatise and guide for the protection of players of games of chance as Dice, Cards, Roulette, Slot machines, etc.

  • Houdini's School of Magic -Set

    A complete course in Magic. Comes with a DVD. If you want to learn magic this special edition book is just for you. This instructional set teaches you how to perform and what to do and also teaches you how to make your own tricks. It is very similar to the School of Magic operated by the Great Harry Houdini.

  • All American Mafioso - The Johnny Rosseli Story

    When the CIA decided to assassinate Fidel Castro, they called upon a classy, well-spoken, and totally ruthless Mafioso named Johnny Rosselli.  In response to the government's offer of several hundred thousand dollars for the hit, Rosselli stood up, saluted and declared he would perform the task for the love of America. 

  • Bammo Ten Card Deal Dossier

    Ricky Jay fooled Jimmy Fallon and millions of viewers on The Tonight Show with a really, really good card trick. It's on page 318 in The Bammo Ten Card Deal Dossier!

  • The Open Book



    Art of Astonishment  Book threeShape of Astonishment Window of Opportunity Hot Chocolate Anything Deck Peanut Butter and Jellyfish Rumpled Split skin Free Ride Arrow Split Arrow Bat Fishing Membrane Membrane with a Pack of Smokes Swing Thing Tic-Tac Leaf Bizarre Vanish Close Quarters Heartburn Mickey Mouse Math Torn and Restored Deck Shuffle Time Strange...


    The Complete, Ultimate Paul Harris Collection. This three-volume set of books contains all of Paul`s classics, updated and Book One: "What Does "Additional Writing by Eric Mead" Mean" P.H on Astonishment Buck Naked Unshuffling Rebecca Light and Heavy Dime Backlash Improv Nightshades Apple Lip Balm P.H Vanishing Deck My Dinner with P.H. Illusion Color...


    The Complete, Ultimate Paul Harris Collection.  Book Two: Astonishing Artist Gourmet Mystery Show Counterfeit Spectator Swiss Movement Lysdexia Flesh Angel Case Putty Buddy Putty Buddy?s Pal Strange-O Hiccup Twinkie Bottle Fluffer Deck McGimmick Cincinnati Blues Cincinnati Two-Faced Blues Skin Job Fizz-Master Cardboard Connection

  • Marlo On Erdnase

    Why are magicians still interested in Expert at the Card Table? Why has this fusty book attracted more attention today than when initially published? There may be as many answers as there are questions regarding this book.

  • Jinx 3 set

    In 1934, Ted Annemann began his publication of "The Jinx" magazine and issued 151 magazines from October 1934 to March 1941 and has been bound in a 3 volume set. It all comes with an index to locate the effects you desire.  SOFTBOUND

  • Card Manipulations

    To the magician and to most audiences, card manipulations are a fascinating type of card trick. Since the manipulator's skill is the only determining factor, once a degree of card dexterity is acquired the performer can go on to learn tricks sure to entertain, at any time, with no further preparation, using any available deck of cards for the...

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